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Fire Blankets


Fire blankets are ideal for use in the home and for commercial applications.  They are available in a range of sizes to suit different needs.  Fire blankets are usually installed in kitchen areas ready for use on chip pan fires, waste paper bin fires and burning clothes.


- Our great quality fire blankets are kitemarked to BSEN 1869:1997

- CE Marked

- Suitable for use on:   

  Chip pan fires, waste paper bin fires and smothering burning clothes

- Available in various sizes

- Supplied in durable hard plastic casing or soft pouch

- Manufactured in the UK


Economy Fire Blanket
Our Price: £5.49 (£6.59 Inc VAT)
Fire Blanket 1.0 x 1.0 Metre
Our Price: £7.50 (£9.00 Inc VAT)
Fire Blanket 1.2 x 1.2 Metre
Our Price: £9.00 (£10.80 Inc VAT)
Fire Blanket 1.2 x 1.8 Metre
Our Price: £12.00 (£14.40 Inc VAT)
Fire Blanket 1.8 x 1.75 metre
Our Price: £19.00 (£22.80 Inc VAT)
10 Year Warranty Fire Blankets
Our Price From £14.00 (£16.80 Inc VAT)

Nationwide Fire Blankets


Nationwide Fire Extinguishers is the UK's leading fire blanket supplier. Our main range of fire blankets have been specifically designed and manufactured to the new European Standard for Fire Blankets BS EN 1869:1997. Arguably the best pound for pound fire blanket on the market,  they offer easier application than similar models with excellent extinguishing power. Fitted with flame proof handles this ensures the blanket retains it's integrity, resulting in increased user confidence and fire fighting capabilities. Fire blankets are typically located in domestic and commercial kitchen areas.


The main advantages for most users and specifiers is the super slim container used to house the fire blanket. The range of sizes provides a blanket suitable for domestic or industrial use. It's design allows easy removal from the container, so the user can adopt the recommended shield position, protecting them from the fire. Fire blankets from Nationwide are available in a number of different sizes, the smallest being 1.0m x 1.0m.  The casing structure varies from either durable hard plastic or secure soft pouch, of which they are both wipe clean.


How does a fire blanket put out the fire? When correctly draped over a fire, the fire blanket starves the fire of oxygen, leading to rapid extinction.  Also our fire blankets can be used if a person has caught fire, by wrapping it around them. Fire blankets are suitable for use on kitchen fires which originate from chip pans and saucepans. As well as this, fire blankets are ideal for use on waste paper bin and clothing fires. This is because when used, the fire blanket stops the supply of oxygen to the burning material and extinguishes the fire.


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