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50 litre Wheeled AFFF Foam Extinguisher - [HSFS50]

50 litre Wheeled AFFF Foam Extinguisher

Price: £410.00

Description and Specifications

Weight:  76.5kg

50 litre wheeled AFFF foam fire extinguishers are effective on solid combustibles and flammable liquids making it ideal for warehouses and storage facilities and industrial size applications.  The wheeled unit is easy to manouveur between locations.

50 litre Wheeled Powder Fire Extinguisher Features:

• Class A and B fire rating

• CE Approval

• Supplied with a 5m hose as standard

• Stored pressure unit

• 2 Year manufacturers warranty

• Weight: 76.5kg

• Dimensions (HxDIAM): 1200x540mm

Suitable Usage:

Class A, B: Solid combustibles including paper and wood and flammable liquids including

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