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Class D Fire Extinguishers for Metal Fires from NFEX

Fighting burning metal fires with the correct Class D Fire Extinguisher

When aluminium and magnesium and a number of other alkali earth metals get machined, the swarf from the cutting operation is highly flammable. It also burns at an extremely high temperature and cannot be extinguished by ordinary powder, CO2 or water-based extinguishers. Burning magnesium, for example, reacts violently with water!

To fight these fires sand can be used but will not be very effective and the moisture contained could be dangerous.

A specialist category of fire extinguisher was therefore developed, called Class D dry chemical fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers are dedicated to the fighting of metal fires and usually come with a long, low-velocity applicator lance to be able to carefully layer the chemical on top of the fire without disturbing the fire.

The powder used in these Class D metal fire extinguishers forms a crust on the surface and excludes oxygen to stop the chemical reaction of the fire.

At NFEX  our Class D fire extinguisher tackle most metal fires and are kitemarked. They also come supplied with a long lance and applicator.

Nationwide Fire Extinguishers can supply Class D Fire Extinguishers to all Major UK Cities

Class D Fire Extinguishers London

Class D Extinguishers Manchester

Class D Extinguishers Birmingham

Class D Extinguishers Coventry

Class D Fire Extinguishers Liverpool

Class D Extinguisher Bristol

Class D Extinguishers Leeds

Class D Extinguishers Newcastle

Class D Fire Extinguishers Edinburgh

Class D Fire Extinguisher Glasgow

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