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CO2 Fire Extinguishers

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Our brand new, kitemarked Carbon Dioxide Fire extinguishers

- CO2 fire extinguishers Kitemarked & CE Approved

- Suitable for use on:

  "Class B" type fires - fuelled by flammable liquids such as solvents, oils and fats

- Also suitable for fires involving electrical equipment

- Provided with a 5 year manufacturer warranty

2Kg carbon dioxide fire extinguisher includes frost free horn

- Wall mounting brackets included as standard

If you need a new carbon dioxide fire extinguisher then you won’t go far wrong with ours. We stock a quality model and through our bulk buying can offer it at budget price. A CO2 fire extinguisher is still the preferred choice for electrical fire extinguisher cover as it leaves no mess, unlike its main alternative, powder. Despite having the option of a more multi-purpose fire extinguisher, in certain industrial applications, such as high voltage fire risks, a CO2 fire extinguisher is the only suitable option. We also have a polished aluminium range of CO2’s available for work or home, a popular choice in domestic environments and home offices.