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NFEX Guide to CO2 fire Extinguishers

CO2 fire extinguishers are used for extinguishing flammable liquids (class B fires) and flammable gases. This type of extinguisher is highly pressurized with carbon dioxide, which is a non-flammable inert gas. CO2 fire extinguishers work by displacing the oxygen required to keep the fire burning and so smothering the fire, a very clean way of extinguishing an electrical or liquid fire.

CO2 fire extinguishers have an advantage over dry powder fire extinguishers as they do not leave a residue after discharge – a carbon dioxide extinguisher is therefore a great option for using on an electrical fire in an office or any room containing equipment such as computers, photo-copiers, fax’s, stereo equipment or TV’s, and also in garages or workshops where oils, petrol, diesel, spirits, solvents, waxes and other flammable liquids are present. A 2Kg CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher is the most popular choice to cover electrical risk in shop and offices.

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A CO2 fire extinguisher will not work well on class A fires (flammable solids) so are not deemed suitable for that use as they may not be able to displace enough oxygen to put the flammable solid fire out, causing it to re-ignite. Use of any co2 fire extinguishers is therefore usually limited to indoor use as it is difficult to extinguish an outdoor fire using a co2 extinguisher. As this extinguisher discharges carbon dioxide which lowers oxygen levels, it should not be used in a confined space due to the risk of asphyxiation to the user.

Although this extinguisher type is able to extinguish flammable liquid fires, CO2 fire extinguishers should not be used to extinguish cooking fat fires (class F). If a CO2 fire extinguisher was used in an attempt to put out a deep fat fryer fire, the powerful discharge may splash the burning fat and spread the fire. Brief instructions for use are printed on the side of each extinguisher but staff training is essential to ensure the right extinguisher is used on a fire. It is also recommended that ID signs are displayed over each extinguisher to quickly identify the extinguisher type in the event of a fire.

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