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Dorgard White Wireless Fire Door Retainers - [FCDG01WH]

Dorgard White Wireless Fire Door Retainers

Price: £99.00

Description and Specifications

Weight:  0.95kg

Dorgard fire door retainers are designed to allow fire doors to be held open legally. In the event of a fire the sound of a fire alarm will activate the acoustic sensor with the Dorgard unit.  This will then send a signal to the plunger to release, causing the fire door to close under the force of its door closer.

Key features and benefits:

- Wire-free fire door retainer  

- Conforms to BS7273-4: 2007  

- Tested to BS EN 1155 and accepted by the Fire Brigade  

- Made in the UK  

- Compliance with DDA

- Proven in thousands of buildings across the UK

- Installs in under five minutes

- Improves access for wheelchair users in line with the disability discrimination act

- Automatically releases when the fire alarm sounds

- Available in a variety of colours

- Automatic night time release facility

- Ideal for care homes, hotels, schools, offices that have an automatic fire detection system installed

Technical specifications

- Overall height: 205mm

- Main casing height: 150mm

- Width: 195mm

- Depth: 45mm

- Casing: ABS

- Power: 2 x 1.5v C size alkaline batteries

- Expected battery life: 12 months (in normal environments)

- Trigger: Sounds above 65 decibels

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