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Fire Evacuation Equipment

The Disability Discrimination Act and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires employers to provide adequate means of escape for all building occupants. We sell a wide range of evacuation equipment to help you and your company, to cost effectively adhere to current health and safety regulations and best practice. From escape ladders to evacuation chairs, our evacuation equipment will ensure the safe escape of disabled or injured occupants or staff in the event of an emergency evacuation. 

We sell a domestic escape ladder which attaches to windows and is suitable for 2 and 3 storey buildings which folds away in a safe box for easy storage. Our Fernco Transit chair is a solution for tackling stairways without lifting patients or injured people in the event of an emergency evacuation. And our ski- pads and ski sheets are innovative pieces of evacuation equipment for evacuating bed bound patients. The ski sheet is attached to the underside of a hospital mattress to enable non – ambulant patients to be evacuated comfortably and safely, down stairways in an emergency evacuation. The ski pad is a narrower option which allows residents and patients to be evacuated through narrow corridors and stairwells. It features a tough slippery vinyl covered base material which allows patients to be moved with no trouble over almost any surface indoors or outside.

The strategic placing of evacuation equipment throughout the building will help companies meet their duties under heath, safety and equal opportunity laws. To enable a safe evacuation, ensure that your staffs are aware of your fire evacuation plan and carry out regular fire drills. Reinforce this by displaying Fire Action notices throughout your building and displaying an assembly point sign at your designated emergency meeting point.

Besides evacuation chairs, our site also sells fire warden evacuation equipment such as high visibility and reflective waistcoats, caps, and fire warden armbands, mega phones and emergency light sticks to aid the fire wardens visibility and presence and help a safe evacuation.