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Extinguisher Stands & Cabinets

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Fire Extinguishers Stands, Cabinets and Covers
Nationwide Fire Extinguishers can supply a range of fire extinguisher stands, fire extinguisher cabinets and fire extinguisher covers. Current British standards state all fire extinguishers should be wall mounted or placed on stands. Fire extinguisher stands are usually used when wall mounting is not possible or when the location is likely to change or for temporary fire points. They are sometimes preferred to help fire extinguisher locations be more prominent or to complement the extinguishers for example, stainless finished extinguishers with a matching chrome stand.

Fire extinguisher cabinets are mainly used when locating fire extinguishers outdoors or in harsh environments. Both cabinets and covers are ideal in discouraging misuse and help to reduce accidental damage to fire extinguishers. Fire extinguisher covers in particular, can be a cheap way of preventing tampering.

Fire extinguisher transport boxes and storage chests protect extinguishers during transit on vehicles.