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Selecting the correct type of Fire Alarm Bells

Nationwide Fire Extinguishers sell a variety of fire alarm bells to suit your business or property. Our most popular product is our Rotary fire alarm bell. With a tried and tested strong design, this hand operated rotary fire alarm bell is appropriate for use in hazardous sites or locations that are without a power supply. The bell has a pre-drilled lip for easy fitting, with an aluminium base plate and red dome for high visibility. Thesefire alarm bells are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They operate by turning the handle to sound fire bell. These fire alarm bells can be heard from a distance of 110 ft. As already stated, this fire alarm bell is one of our most popular products and provides a reliable and cost effective fire alarm solution.

Installing Fire alarm Bells with a self contained break glass.

Our Howler Site Alarm is a self contained break glass model which is easy to install and an easy way of raising a fire alarm . This alarm is also suitable for indoor & outdoor use and is often used on building sites and other sites where a conventional fire alarm is not suitable. Other types of fire alarm bells include the Omega Hawk 2 fire alarm which is also a self contained battery operated fire alarm. This model also contains a strobe and can be linked to other Omega Hawk 2 fire alarms. 

A great product for hotels, guest houses, hostels, residential homes, hospitals etc is the deafgard. This product is a wire free alarm system for the hearing impaired. Deafgard works by reacting to the sound of the fire alarm bells and issuing a visual, audible and vibrating alert. This product aids conformity with the Disability Discrimination Act. 

Buying Fire Alarm Bells and Products

We sell a fire extinguisher anti theft alarm which attaches to your fire extinguisher and deters theft sounding an alarm if detached from the fire extinguisher. Another great product in our fire alarm products section is our stand alone battery operated smoke detector which is ideal for any home. This product is supplied with a battery for easy and immediate use. You may want to install a carbon dioxide alarm to protect your family from the presence of Co2. The 85Db alarm will sound and be accompanied by the flashing red LED light when there are high levels of CO present. It is simple to install and includes a fixing kit, is powered by one 9V battery and has a low battery indicator and test button. See our site for more details of these products and more.