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Things you may not know about fire blankets

•    A fire blanket is a sheet of fire retardant material encased in a wall mounted quick release plastic case or soft pouch.
•    The blanket material is usually composed of fire retardant treated wool or glass fibre.
•    They work by smothering the fire. Remove the oxygen from a fire and it cannot continue to burn.
•    Fire blankets are most commonly used to extinguish cooking fires. 
•    If you have occasion to use a fire blanket on a cooking fire, ensure that the blanket is wrapped around your hands before draping over the flames to ensure that your hands are protected from heat or flames.
•    They are best positioned near a cooking fire risk so they can be accessed if needed in an emergency. 
•    Larger fire blankets are usually found in industrial sites and laboratories, and are able to extinguish a person whose clothing has caught fire.  In this instance you would wrap the fire blanket around the person and roll the person on the floor.
•    Fire blankets should be disposed of after being used on a fire.
•    When buying , look for kitemark BS EN 1867:1997 to guarantee quality  
•    Fire blankets utilised in a business location must be serviced annually. 
•    During the service, the engineer unpacks  the fire blanket to check for holes or damaged parts and folds it back into its box.   The engineer will mark the fire blanket case with the servicing details and reproduce these details on their fire maintenance report.