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Fire Blankets

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Nationwide Fire Extinguishers offer a full range of fire blankets, ideal for use in the home, at work and for industrial applications. They are available in a range of types and sizes to suit a variety of needs and applications. Fire blankets are usually installed in kitchens, caravans, flats and student accommodation or any area for use on small pan fires, waste paper bin fires and burning clothes. We also offer a premium range, with a superior fire blanket cloth for more industrial applications. This also has an improved 10 year warranty compared to the standard 5 year guarantee.
- Our great quality fire blankets are kitemarked to BSEN 1869:1997
CE Marked
Suitable for use on:   
 frying pan fires, waste paper bin fires and smothering burning clothes
- Available in various sizes
- Supplied in durable hard plastic casing or soft pouch
- Manufactured in the UK