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Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are suitable for use in the home, caravan, laboratories, welding units and catering units. They are used to smother small cooking oil/fat fires, waste bin fires and also to smother clothing fires.

Nationwide fire extinguishers stock the best quality fire blankets for less. All are kitemarked and manufactured to the rigorous requirements of BSEN 1869. Our fire blankets come in either a soft shell or a sturdy wall-mountable red rigid case. We may be able to offer a discount for bulk orders; just call or email our sales team for details. Our Budget Fire Blanket is a best seller and a great option for kitchens in student accommodation, rental properties and HMOs.

Before you use a fire blanket you should ensure that you are between the fire and an exit so you are not trapped. Remove the blanket from its case by pulling the black ends. Shield your face, arms and hands with the blanket by wrapping the outside of the blanket around your arms, cover the fire completely with the blanket. Ensure that the source of ignition is turned off and leave the blanket on for at least 30 minutes closing the door behind you. Taking the blanket off could lead to a re-ignition of the fire.

You should not re-use fire blankets once they have been used on a fire.

If you are smothering a clothing fire you should tightly wrap the blanket around the person whose clothes are burning and roll that person on the floor in the blanket for maximum effectiveness.

We recommend that you display the fire blanket ID sign above your wall mounted fire blanket to clarify how to use the blanket safety.

You should mount the fire blanket in a prominent and accessible place, preferably on an escape route. Do not place over cookers or heaters or in the way of any fire risks.

Things you may not know about fire blankets

  • A fire blanket is a sheet of fire retardant material encased in a wall mounted quick-release plastic case or soft pouch.
  • The blanket material is usually composed of fire retardant treated glass fibre.
  • Fire blankets work by smothering the fire. Remove the oxygen from a fire and it cannot continue to burn.
  • Fire blankets are most commonly used to extinguish cooking fires.
  • If you have occasion to use a fire blanket on a cooking fire, ensure that the blanket is wrapped around your hands before draping over the flames to ensure that your hands are protected from heat or flames.
  • Larger fire blankets are usually found in industrial sites and laboratories, and are able to extinguish a person whose clothing has caught fire. In this instance you would wrap the fire blanket around the person and roll the person on the floor.
  • Fire blankets should be disposed of after being used on a fire.
  • When buying, look for kitemark BS EN 1867 to guarantee quality.
  • Fire blankets utilised in a business location must be serviced annually.
  • During the service, the engineer unpacks the fire blanket to check for holes or damaged parts and folds it back into its box. The engineer will mark the fire blanket case with the servicing details and reproduce these details on their fire maintenance report.

Reviewed: 01/02/2020 (doc:501 V1.0). Our articles are reviewed regularly. However, any changes made to standards or legislation following the review date will not have been considered. Please note that we provide abridged, easy-to-understand guidance. To make detailed decisions about your fire safety provisions, you might require further advice or need to consult the full standards and legislation.


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