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Fire Extinguisher and Blanket Safety Kit - [TGUF9W2CSB]

Fire Extinguisher and Blanket Safety Kit

Price: £74.49

Description and Specifications

Weight:  26kg

In most commercial premises you will find different fire extinguishers paired together. For example a water extinguisher is combined with a CO2 fire extinguisher. The Water extinguisher tackles all solid flammable materials such as paper, wood and soft furnishings, while the CO2 extinguisher fights electrical fires. A fire blanket is also important if you have a kitchen in your premises. A fire blanket can also be used on a waste paper bin fire and on clothing fires.

Fire Extinguisher and Blanket Safety Kit Contents:

2 x 9ltr Water Fire Extinguisher

- Class 21A rating

- Suitable for combustible solids (wood, paper, textiles)

1 x 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

- Class 34B rating

- Suitable for electrical equipment fires

High quality Kitemarked 2Kg CO2 fire extinguisher

1 x Hard Case Fire Blanket

- Size: 1.2x1.2m

- Suitable for frying pan, waste paper bin and clothing fires

The extinguishers are kitemarked & CE approved units supplied with wall mounting brackets as standard.

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