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Fire Extinguisher and Sign Safety Kit - [TGUF6F2CS]

Fire Extinguisher and Sign Safety Kit

Price: £50.50

Description and Specifications

Weight:  15.6kg

Fire situations within a building can originate from a range of potential risks involving different types of materials.  It is important to consider what your fire risks may be and then assess which fire extinguishers are best suited for your application.  The combination of the 2kg CO2 and the 6ltr foam fire extinguisher covers the most common fire risks found within an office environment.

Fire Extinguisher and Sign Safety Kit contents:

1 x 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

- Class 34B fire rating

- Suitable for use on electrical fires and flammable liquids

High quality 2Kg CO2 fire extinguisher

1 x 6ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher

- Class 21A, 144B fire rating 

- Suitable for use on solid combustibles (wood, paper, textiles) and flammable liquids

2 x Photoluminescent Fire Extinguisher Signs

- 1 x CO2 and 1 x Foam fire extinguisher sign

- Dimensions (HxW): 200x80mm

- Photoluminescent (Glow in the dark)

- Rigid Plastic

Both extinguishers are Kitemarked and CE approved.  The extinguishers are brand New, filled, ready for use and are supplied with a wall mounting bracket as standard.

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