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Fire Extinguisher Brackets

All fire extinguishers purchased from Nationwide Fire Extinguishers come with free fire extinguisher brackets to enable you safely wall mount your fire extinguisher. It is recommended that fire extinguishers should be wall mounted where possible. More specifically, BS 5306 recommends that the top of a fire extinguisher handle should be one metre from ground level. Due to the amount of customer requested, we now also sell additional fire extinguisher brackets for any extinguishers you may already have which require wall mounting. 

Our J bracket for fire extinguishers is a standard fire extinguisher bracket which is suitable for most makes and types of modern fire extinguishers, where the bracket is at the back or side of the extinguisher. It is suitable for powder fire extinguishers from sizes 4kg to 12 Kg, 3 litres to 9 litre foam fire extinguishers and sizes 3 litres to 9 litre water fire extinguishers. Our fire extinguisher brackets are made of durable steel and come with a 1 year guarantee. 

Our co2 extinguisher lug bracket comes in two different sizes which are suitable for 2kg or 5kg co2 fire extinguishers. We also sell Amerex’ fire extinguisher brackets , which is appropriate for fire extinguishers where the bracket is on the shoulder of the fire extinguisher. This, as the name suggests is usually used for Amerex fire extinguishers which have this trait. 

For fire extinguishers held in vehicles, we have a range of transport brackets to hold your fire extinguisher securely whilst on the move. We have universal transport brackets suitable for most makes and models of Water, Foam and Dry powder fire extinguishers from 4kg to 9 kg / litre models. Nationwide Fire Extinguishers also stock carbon dioxide fire extinguisher transport brackets which fit all known makes of 2 kg CO2 fire extinguishers. This type of fire extinguisher bracket is suitable for a variety of environments but is sold specifically as a transport bracket. If you are unable to wall mount your extinguishers, you should place your fire extinguishers in a suitable fire extinguisher stand.