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Fire Extinguisher Transport Brackets - 2Kg / 2L - [JPR2EXTB]

Fire Extinguisher Transport Brackets - 2Kg / 2L

Price: £18.50

Description and Specifications

Weight:  1kg

Designed to hold fire extinguishers securely in place, these fire extinguisher transport brackets have a steel construction with nylon strap which sits around the extinguisher cylinder.  Suitable for holding fire extinguishers 2kg/2ltr in size, the transport brackets stop extinguishers from moving and falling over whilst installed in vehicles.

fire extinguisher transport brackets Key features and benefits

- Securely holds an extinguisher in place

- Feautres a nylon strap that fits around the extinguisher body

- Durable steel construction

- Suitable for 2kg/2ltr size extinguishers

- Sold individually

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