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Types of Fire Extinguisher on offer at NFEX

This brief section will illustrate the different fire extinguisher types and their uses. The most common fire extinguisher types are water fire extinguishers . These are used to cover the risk of flammable solid fires such as wood, paper, upholstery, straw, and coal. This type of extinguisher is good for its cost effectiveness and it is good at absorbing heat. Its downside however is its limited nature. It can not extinguish flammable liquids, gases, metals, cooking oil or electrical fires. Foam fire extinguishers can extinguish flammable solids and have the added benefit of being able to extinguish flammable liquids. These are distinguished by a cream coloured band on the extinguisher body. 

Other fire extinguisher types include powder fire extinguishers . These are a great ‘all rounder’ fire extinguisher and can safely extinguish flammable solids, liquids, gases and electrical fires. This is the most versatile fire extinguisher type and it is commonly referred to as a multi purpose or general purpose extinguisher. Powder fire extinguisher types are distinguished by a blue band on the extinguisher body. 

Co2 or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher types can extinguish flammable liquids and electrical fires. This kind of extinguisher works by displacing oxygen, therefore smothering the fire. Like a powder extinguisher , a co2 can safely extinguish electrical fires. They are however far less messy to use and are recommended for use in computer rooms or any room which contains electrical appliances. 

The final extinguisher in this fire extinguisher types article is the most recently invented. The Wet chemical fire extinguisher is designed especially to tackle cooking fat and oil fires. This very dangerous type of fire has great potential to re-ignite which previous extinguisher types are unable to stop. The wet chemical extinguisher is able to cool and seal the cooking fat thus stopping the risk of re-ignition.

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