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Fire Risk Assessment

On October 1st 2006, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety order) came into force. This is a major change in legislation resulting in fire certificates being no longer issued or operational. This new approach to fire safety law is the most substantial change for over 30 years. The new fire regulations have been introduced to draw hundreds of pieces of legislation together and make it more straightforward for people to understand where their obligations lie and what they should do.  In brief, as an employer or manager of a workplace you must take action to prove that you have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment in position.  The new fire regulations identify a ‘responsible person’ who is required to ensure that a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment of the premises has been compiled.  The responsible person must consider the impact that a fire might have to surrounding premises and persons including the safety of fire fighters should they need to enter the premises in question.  Fire Certificates are no longer in operation and instead a Fire Risk Assessment becomes the main means of managing fire risk in the workplace.

Nationwide fire extinguishers can provide you with a comprehensive fire risk assessment to ensure that your business complies with the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2006.  Our experienced fire safety expert will carry out an extensive assessment of your premises and the fire risks specific to your business. Once the assessment is complete, we then provide you with a detailed but easy to comprehend written report which may include recommendations for any modifications to your existing practices.

If you would like to carry out your own fire risk assessment but would like some expert guidance, you could use our Risk assessment CD - ROM. This is suitable for small and medium sized low risk businesses and contains chapters and templates on: Process assurance &fire risk assessmentin small businesses, a small premises fire management plan, fire precautions log book, Company hot work policy & procedures, fire risk assessment process assurance form, an unlimited publishing facility, Staff training record form. It contains template guide policies, procedures, risk assessments, and publishing facilities.

The new fire regulations will be enforced by the UK Fire & Rescue Service and failure to have a valid fire risk assessment on site could lead to fines or imprisonment.