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Fire Extinguisher Safety at Work

Nationwide fire extinguishers realise that fire safety at work is changing and is here to help you comply with the new regulations without breaking the bank. The new fire safety at work legislation (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order) is centered on preventative measures and is risk assessment based. 

The workplaces’ designated responsible person should consider the following when carrying out a fire risk assessment; Reducing fire risks – this may mean improving housekeeping, i.e. reducing materials available to catch and spread a fire, banning smoking in any workplace areas, and ensuring all electrical equipment is safely maintained. Ensuring that the premises have adequate and conspicuous escape routes that are clearly marked by fire exit signs. The nominated person should also make sure that the workplace has sufficient fire safety signs including fire action notices, assembly point signs, no smoking signs and fire extinguisher ID signs. Nationwide Fire Extinguishers help to improve fire safety at work by providing a wide range of low cost fire extinguishers, safety signs and fire safety equipment to suit your building and budget. 

Escape routes of disabled people must be considered when contemplating fire safety at work. As lifts should not be used in an emergency, you may have to provide an evacuation chair for wheelchair users to be able to escape using stairways. Staff should be trained in how to operate this escape method. Fire safety at work also means ensuring fire alarm systems and sufficient fire extinguishers are present – Nationwide fire extinguishers can supply all types of fire extinguishers for your workplace, from a basic water fire extinguisher to a wet chemical fire extinguisher. For more information on choosing the right type of extinguisher for your workplace, see our ‘which extinguisher’ guide. 

A large number of workplace fires are started deliberately. Have a look at your workplaces security to assess the risk of intruders breaking in after hours posing an arson risks. Storage areas are where a lot of workplace fires are started so ensure they are safe and secure. Finally, maximizing fire safety at work also entails ensuring all staff are provided with suitable fire safety training. We can arrange fire safety training courses for your staff which range from a basic fire safety awareness course to a more in depth fire warden course which gives delegates a greater understanding of fire safety at work and workplace risks – this course is ideal for the workplaces’ ‘nominated person’. If you do not have the ability to get all your staff together for in house fire safety training, Nationwide Fire Extinguishers have the solution. We also stock an up to date fire safety training DVD covering a range of topics including fire safety management, fire prevention, and use of fire fighting equipment, fire procedures and much more.