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Fire Safety Equipment - UK requirements

Nationwide Fire Extinguishers sell a wide range of top quality heavily discounted fire safety equipment for your business or home. We stock kitemarked fire extinguishers which are manufactured to BS EN3 with the option of a professional nationwide installation by our engineers. We stock fire blankets in a variety of sizes, fire extinguisher cabinets and stands, fire safety signs and fire alarm products. Our range of fire safety equipment also includes fire safety training and risk assessments to ensure that your business complies with the new Fire Safety Regulations.

Fire Risk Assessment in the Workplace.

Part of the new fire safety reform act requires a suitably qualified staff member or a external professional to produce a fire risk assessment of the premises, during which fire safety and equipment standards should be assessed and fire provisions updated if deemed necessary. 

Staff fire safety training is also a necessary part of fire safety required for the workplace. All staff should know how to operate a fire extinguisher, and should know what to do in the event of a fire. Fire drills should be practiced regularly and fire action plans displayed throughout the building. Call Nationwide Fire Extinguishers for a training quote today. 

Smoke alarms are essential for every home and the minimum fire safety equipment that you should have. To be able to to extinguish a fire in the home you may feel that you need extra fire safety equipment. A small Dry Powder fire extinguisher or AFFF foam fire extinguisher is ideal for the home. It can be used on a variety of fires. Check the label for the type of coverage it provides to see if it is suitable for the potential fire risks in your home.

Fire Blankets - an inexpensive but valuable piece of Fire Safety Equipment.

Another valuable piece of fire safety equipment is a fire blanket, which can be quickly and safely used to extinguish a small chip pan fire or smother garments that may have caught fire. All kitchens should have access to a fire blanket as they are much safer than the old fashioned wet tea towel method, used as a last resort DIY fire fighting option. Having the correct fire safety equipment and fire blankets in place is the first step but it is equally important to know how to correctly use them. You should only tackle a fire in its early stage before it starts to spread, remembering to isolate the gas or electric where possible. Before tackling any fire, make sure that everyone is outside and your escape route is clear. If you're not sure what to do, get out of the premises and call the Fire Brigade.