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Fire Safety Products

Fire safety products are essential life saving devices which are there to keep your staff and business safe from the risk of fire and also compliant with legal and insurance requirements. Nationwide Fire Extinguishers sell a wide range of Fire safety products for your workplace, residential letting, vehicle or home which include fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire alarms, fire safety signs, fire extinguisher stands and cabinets. We also offer fire risk assessments and fire awareness training courses and fire warden courses that are held on your premises. Alternatively, we stock a fire safety training DVD for a cost effective training solution. 

Most catastrophic fire accidents take place in residential houses during the night caused by people being overcome by smoke or through being trapped by a fire. It is therefore essential for all homes to have at least a few basic fire safety products to prevent this from happening. Most importantly you should fit a smoke alarm if you don’t have one already. Nationwide Fire Extinguishers stock a good basic battery operated smoke alarm for this purpose. If there is only one escape route you should consider purchasing further fire safety products as an alternative means of escape such as an escape ladder, these are great for a quick, dependable and secure escape from a house fire. Fire extinguishers are the best fire safety products for extinguishing a small fire before it becomes uncontrollable. We recommend a 1 or 2kg powder or 2l foam fire extinguisher for the home for their multi purpose coverage and versatility – powder extinguishers are the best fire safety products for safety extinguishing electrical fires in the home. You should also think about installing a fire blanket for kitchen use, this is one of the most cost effective fire safety products around.

In a vehicle, a car fire extinguisher is one of the best fire safety products. Having a 1kg or 2kg powder extinguisher in your car could make the difference between life and death in the event of an accident. Keeping fire safety productssuch as a car fire extinguisher in your car can prevent a small fire from getting out of control and can be capable of extinguishing a small car fire in seconds.