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Fire Safety Signs

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 apply to all premises where people are employed. The regulations oblige employers to display specific safety signage whenever there is a risk that has not been avoided or limited by other means. Fire safety signs are included in this legislation. The signs must be understood by all employees whether English speaking or not. This is why pictogram signs must now be used and text only signs are no longer adequate. Social psychologists have found that clear unambiguous signs are one of the first things that people respond to when in search of an instant answer in a risk situation.

Fire safety signs such as fire exit signs should be located in the average range of vision; they should be prominent and take precedence over all other signs. The regulations state that fire safety signs should be large and clear enough to be easily seen and understood. Fire exit signs and exit signs should be clear at all times. In buildings where emergency lighting is in place, these should be illuminated by the emergency lighting in the event of a malfunction of the standard lighting.

Nationwide fire extinguishers stock a wide range of fire safety signs - all complying with current regulations. All signs have a pictogram where required and come in self-adhesive vinyl or a photo luminescent rigid plastic finish. We offer the cheapest fire safety signs around - Our prices start from only £1. Quality is not compromised; we just like to offer excellent value to our customers. Delivery prices are also low ensuring you comply with fire safety regulations without breaking the bank. Our stocks of fire safety signs include; Fire point signs, fire action notices, fire equipment and extinguisher ID signs, fire exit signs, fire door keep shut signs, assembly point signs and many more. If it’s not pictured on our site, just ask and we will find it for you.