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Fire Warden Waistcoats - [HSHVW1/FWL]

Fire Warden Waistcoats

Price: £10.99

Description and Specifications

Weight:  2kg

In the event of a fire, responsible persons such as the fire warden or fire marshal should be easily identifiable.  This is so that other occupants of the building are aware of who they can turn to for guidance of what to do in an emergency situation.  Our fire warden and fire marshal waistcoats helps to identify the responsible person.

Key features and benefits:

High-visibility waistcoat with "Fire Warden" or "Fire Marshal" badging

- Reflective strips for additional safety

- Fire warden & fire marshal badges are shown at the front and the back

- Front badge size (HxW): 45x125mm

- Rear badge size (HxW): 90x250mm

- Waistcoat size: Large

- Supplied singularly (image shows front and back views)

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