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foam fire extinguisher is capable of controlling flammable solid fires - those fuelled by ordinary inflammable substances such as wood, paper, cloth, hay etc. - as well as being able to put out a flammable liquid fire – fires fuelled by flammable oils, petrol, diesel, spirits etc. (To use the fire classification system, this type of extinguisher is capable of tackling class A and B fires). All potential users of fire extinguishers should know what types of fires that particular fire extinguisher is capable and not capable of extinguishing. 

foam fire extinguisher is non toxic, non damaging to most materials, extinguishes fires progressively (not suddenly and violently), and prevents the re – ignition of flammable liquid fires. The foam works by forming a blanket on the surface of a burning liquid or solid, this cools and smothers the fire so that there is no oxygen or heat available to re – ignite the fire. 

The type of extinguisher comes in a range of sizes and is suitable for the home, car and caravan as well as for business use. Fire fighters also occasionally use foam in certain types of fire due to its ability to tackle flammable liquids and for its cooling and smothering qualities which prevent re - ignition. 

foam fire extinguisher shouldn’t be used on electrical fires. However, most foam extinguishers have passed the 35kv conductivity test,indicating the extinguisher user has added operator safety if it were to be unintentionally used on electrical risks. The extinguisher user may still on the other hand obtain an electric shock if positioned in a residual puddle if the live electrical equipment did not short circuit, which is why foam fire extinguishers are not deemed as suitable for electrical fires. 

A conventional foam fire extinguisher contains aqueous film forming foam so is also known as an afff foam fire extinguisherYou may also come across the same type being called a spray foam fire extinguisher due to the type of discharge it has. 

This type of fire extinguisher is colour coded with a Cream band on 5% of its body to let any potential user know at a glance which type it is. 

Foam fire extinguishers are ideal for use in offices, garages, boats, caravans, kitchens and other multi risk premises.  This type of fire extinguisher is highly effective against flammable solid and flammable liquid fires. This includes wood, paper, and textile fires as well as petrol, oil, diesel and other volatile liquid fires.  Foam fire extinguishers combine the cooling effect of water with the smothering benefits of AFFF which prevent a fire re-igniting by sealing the flammable vapors. Its spray nozzle gives a wide coverage to boost its fire fighting abilities. 

Nationwide fire extinguishers foam extinguishers are manufactured to BS EN3, are CE approved and kitemarked.  They are stored pressure factory filled extinguishers with a squeeze grip handle and UV resistant paint finish.  As with all our fire extinguishers, our foam fire extinguishers come with a free mounting bracket.  Our extinguishers are easy to service and refills for our models are readily available from most good fire extinguisher servicing companies.  We stock a range of sizes to suit your needs including 2 litre, 6 litre and 9 litre extinguishers. We also stock great looking and hardwearing stainless steel foam fire extinguishers.

Our 6 litre foam fire extinguishers are a great alternative to the traditional 9 litre fire extinguishers. It has the same coverage as a 9 litre water extinguisher, with the added benefit of flammable liquid coverage, it has smothering as well as cooling capabilities and it is lighter. Another advantage of using a foam fire extinguisher is its increased operator safety if it was accidentally used on electrical risks.  Our foam extinguishers have passed the 35kv conductivity test. 

Foam fire extinguishers are identified by a cream coloured band on their cylinder. We recommend fitting a foam fire extinguisher identification sign above the extinguisher to quickly let the user know what type of fire this type of extinguisher can and cannot be used on.