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Foam Fire Extinguishers

Nationwide Fire Extinguishers offers a full range of AFFF foam fire extinguishers 

All foam extinguishers are kitemarked to BS EN3 and CE marked. We also supply extinguisher mounting brackets as standard with all of the extinguishers we sell.
AFFF, or Aqueous Film Forming Foam extinguishers are an increasingly popular choice when it comes to general fire protection. Anything water extinguishers can do, an AFFF foam fire extinguisher can do just as well, if not better.

Another factor in the rising popularity of foam extinguishers is that the once common powder extinguisher is no longer recommended for use in enclosed areas- i.e. indoors. Faced with the choice when replacing expired powder extinguishers, many people like to retain as much versatility as possible. Foam extinguishers are able to tackle both class A and class B fires, and offer the greatest versatility of the standard extinguisher types available.

- Foam fire extinguishers kitemarked to BSEN3 and CE Marked
- Suitable for use on:
  "Class A type fires" - fueled by solid materials such as wood, paper, straw etc.
  "Class B type fires" - fueled by flammable liquids such as solvents, oils and fats
- Provided with a 5 year extinguisher warranty
- Wall mounting fire extinguisher bracket included as standard