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Foam fire extinguisher Information

Foam fire extinguishers also known as AFFF, spray foam or multipurpose foam, can safely extinguish both flammable solid and flammable liquid fires (Classes A and B). (Liquid fires can include petrol, paint, oil and any other liquefiable solid). They come in a wide range of sizes, starting from a 600ml model, ranging up to a 50 litre wheeled unit.

Main applications of Foam Fire Extinguishers

Smaller foam extinguishers (1 litre and 2 litre) can be found in taxis, rally cars, on HGVs, and on small boats.  Larger models (3 litre, 6 litre and 9 litre foam extinguishers) are utilised in offices, schools, garage workshops, paint shops, factories etc.  Our larger wheeled units are used in larger, high premises which may have a greater risk of flammable solid or flammable liquid fires, eg. Airports.

Limitations of Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers offer multipurpose fire risk coverage for flammable solid and liquid fires. However they are not suitable for cooking oil or deep fat fires or for use directly on electrical fires. The majority of ourfoam extinguishers have special nozzle and have passed the 35kv dielectrical test meaning they are safe for inadvertent use on electrical fires. However they are not suitable to specify for electrical fire risks. For this reason we recommend siting a foam extinguisher alongside a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher in offices, shops and schools to offer better fire risk coverage.

Foam Extinguisher Home safety

You may wish to keep a 600ml ABF foam aerosol in your home, kitchen or caravan.  This handy size extinguisher is small yet powerful, helping to protect you and your family from the risks of flammable solids, liquids and even cooking oil & fat fires, making it ideal for keeping near barbeques and campfires.   Many people choose to carry a 1 or 2 litre foam extinguisher in their car or van for emergency use.  These products and more are available from Nationwide Fire Extinguishers to keep both businesses and families safe, all sizes at a great price.

Foam Fire Extinguisher Product range

Nationwide Fire extinguishers offer a full range of foam fire extinguishers from leading manufacturers. From our bestselling budget powerx range to our stylish stainless steel range we can offer foam extinguishers to suit your needs.

At Nationwide Fire Extinguishers we can supply Foam Fire Extinguishers to all Major UK Cities.

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