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UK Health and Safety Policy necessitates every company to provide health and safety training for all their workforce, to maintain accident books and to make sure that the relevant health and safety signs are displayed throughout workplace premises. Nationwide Fire Extinguishers can provide you with the appropriate health and safety signs, training and risk assessment CD ROMs, fire record books and posters. All signs supplied by Nationwide fire extinguishers are manufactured in the UK.

The requirements for Health and safety signs are covered in detail by the Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. As a general guide, standard safety signs are divided into different types: Prohibition signs are used to prohibit actions to prevent personal injury and the risk of fire. This type of sign is a red circle with a black symbol on a white background and a red diagonal line across the circle. Mandatory health and safety signs show actions which have to be taken, for example in the event of a fire, these show a white symbol on a blue circular background. Warning signs are displayed to notify of possible dangers. 

These are triangular with a black pictogram on a yellow background. Safe Condition signs are used to illustrate directions to places of safety, medical assistance and emergency escapes. These are illustrated by a white symbol on a green square or rectangular background. 

Fire Equipment Signs are used to show the location of fire fighting or alarm equipment and compliance with Fire Precautions. These health and safety signs show a white symbol on a red square or rectangular background. Finally, obstacles or dangerous areas must be illustrated by alternating black and yellow stripes.

Our range of health and safety signs come in a choice of self – adhesive vinyl, white rigid plastic, and a rigid plastic with self adhesive backing, or rigid plastic photo luminescent. We also have a stunning range of brushed aluminium signs which look superb in environments where a standard white sign may spoil the aesthetics.