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Kidde Firex Mains Powered Heat Alarm - [KEKF30]

Kidde Firex Mains Powered Heat Alarm

Price: £26.99

Description and Specifications

Weight:  0.4kg

The mains powered Kidde Firex detectors are a range of smoke and heat alarms which can be interconnected using standard 3 core and earth cable.  By interconnecting smoke and heat detectors this allows for an alarm to be heard throughout the property, as all units within the system sound when any one of the detectors are activated.  The Kidde Firex range are mains powered with an alkaline back up battery supplied as standard.

Key features and benefits:

- Mains powered with an alkaline back up battery

- Suitable for installations complying with BS5839-Part 6: 2013 Grade D, E and F

- Kitemarked and CE Marked

- 6 year warranty

Alarms are sold separately

- Up to 24 units can be interlinked within a system

- 230V Hard-wired
- Test/Hush button facility

- Detectors emit a warning chirp when the back up battery is running low

Available in 3 versions:
- Ionisation Smoke Alarm - designed for landing areas

- Optical Smoke Alarm - designed for bedrooms, living rooms and downstairs hallways

- Heat Alarm - designed for kitchen areas

Dimensions (HxDia):
- Ionisation Smoke Alarm: 38x138mm

- Optical Smoke Alarm: 38x138mm

- Heat Alarm: 42x133mm

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