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Manual 19mm x 30m Fixed Hose Reels - [HSHRWHF1]

Manual 19mm x 30m Fixed Hose Reels

Price: £158.00

Description and Specifications

Weight:  10kg

High quality fixed hose reels manufactured from durable steel with nylon bearings and bronze axles for a long lasting product. Available as a manual or automatic fire hose reel.

Key features and benefits:

- Powder coated for a high quality finish

- Includes jet spray nozzle, gate valve (manual version) and jubilee clips

- 19mm x 30m hose

- Two versions available:

  Manual: water supply requires activation using a gate stop valve

  Automatic: water supply is activated when the hose is pulled

- Kitemarked to BS EN 671-1: 1995

- Diameter of hose reel: 550mm

- Approved to EN 694

- Operating temperature range: -20 °C to +60 °C

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