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Pico PIC8 Fire Exit Sign - [OBPI8MU]

Pico PIC8 Fire Exit Sign

Price: £25.00

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Description and Specifications

Weight:  2.9kg
The Pico PIC8 8W emergency fire exit sign is available in maintained and non-maintained versions. This illuminated sign is fitted with a 3 hour backup battery ensuring your fire exit sign remains fully visible in an emergency - even if the mains power is lost. Manufactured in the UK and offering a 80 lumen light output, this emergency fire exit sign is not only excellent quality but also superb value for money.
  • UK manufactured
  • 3 hour backup battery
  • IP20 rating (interior use only)
  • Designed to be wall mounted
  • Available with Up, Down, Left or Right directional arrows
  • High quality white casing sized 200x385x65mm
  • Inbuilt downlight illuminates area below the sign
  • Bulb and battery supplied with unit
  • 3 year​ warranty on maintained units
  • 5 year warranty on non-maintained units
These products are manufactured to order, and therefore cannot be returned.
Warranty does not cover consumables i.e. bulbs and batteries.

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