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Powder fire extinguishers (at least the ABC powder extinguishers) are the most versatile type of fire extinguishers. Hence the fact that they are also known as general purpose or all purpose extinguishers. They are capable of extinguishing flammable solids, flammable liquids, gasses and electrical fires (Classes ABC and electrical fires).

Powder fire extinguishers have many advantages. They have a fast flame knock down, and are non-toxic. Powder fire extinguishers are effective against running fuel fires and are mass for mass the most efficient fire fighting device. Powder fire extinguishers have disadvantages so you may want to consider those too when choosing your fire extinguishers especially for kitchens or offices.  They are messy when discharged and can contaminate large areas. The powder gets into fabric and can damage electronics etc. You also might inhale it when using a powder extinguisher in a small confined space. Because of the mess limitation

Nationwide fire extinguishers sell a range of kitemarked powder fire extinguishers. Our 1kg and 2kg powder extinguishers are ideal for vehicles, caravans and many other multi risk environments.  Our 4kg, 6kg and 9kg Powder fire extinguishers are especially suitable for a mixed fire risk environments and are used for flammable liquids, gas fires including methane, propane, hydrogen and for the storage of liquid gases and heating oils. They are also particularly useful extinguishers to have for industry, garages, workshops etc. 

Current hazardous goods legislation states that trucks must hold in excess of 12kg of powder.  This can be compiled of any combination of extinguishers but most commonly this is a 9kg powder on the back with two 2kg powder extinguishers, or a 4kg powder in the cab.

You should examine your extinguishers at least monthly for signs of tampering, loss of pressure or discharge. Your extinguishers should also be maintained at least annually by a qualified technician and these checks should be recorded in your fire log book. Nationwide fire extinguishers offer the option of installing and certifying extinguishers at your premises. This means an engineer will arrange to visit and commission your new extinguishers recording the date of purchase, full weight of the fire extinguisher, date next service due and date next discharge test due.