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The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 enforces that employers are legally obliged to provide Health and Safety signs on any workplace risk that is not satisfactorily controlled by other means. All signs displayed in your workplace must meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 which standardised the use of safety signs throughout the EU by using standardised pictograms, shapes and colours. 

Safety signs vary in shape and colour depending on their meaning: Prohibition or Danger is illustrated by a red circle with a crossed out image (such as no-smoking). Mandatory signs contain a blue circle with a white pictogram and tell you what ‘Should’ be done (such as a fire action sign). Warning signs are yellow and triangular shaped. Safe condition safety signs are used to mark safety equipment or safe exit routes and are white pictograms on a green oblong or square background. Finally, Fire Equipment signs indicate the location of fire equipment and are white on a red background. Safety signs should be displayed away from where other signs or objects of same size and colour are displayed, and should not be placed in areas where there is little colour contrast. 

Nationwide Fire Extinguishers sell a wide range of safety signs to help your business comply with current safety regulations. Fromno smoking signs and personalised construction site safety signs to Fire exit and fire door signs and everything in between, our signs are excellent value for money and come in a range of finishes including photo luminescent. Photo luminescent safety signs supply a cost effective glow in the dark safety feature which can aid escape in dark or smoky exit routes. All our signs are supplied in accordance with British and European Quality Standards and are manufactured in accordance with BS5499 standards.