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Universal Double Fire Extinguisher Stand - Red - [FMCUNI2/RED]

Universal Double Fire Extinguisher Stand - Red

Price: £27.50

Description and Specifications

Weight:  2kg

The universal double fire extinguisher stand is manufactured from high-impact plastics and is available in red or grey finish.  The "multi-disc" base allows for the stand to hold two fire extinguishers up to 9kg/ltr in size.

Universal double fire extinguisher stand Key features and benefits

- Manufactured in the UK

- The "multi-disc" base allows for the stable hold of fire extinguishers

- Designed to fit various fire extinguisher sizes - from a 2kg CO2 up to 9kg/ltr

- Suitable for holding two fire extinguishers

- Landscape or portrait extinguisher signs can be mounted on to the back board

- Highlights where fire extinguishers are located

- Made from high-impact plastics

- The materials are fully recyclable

- Available in grey finish

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