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How to Select a Water Fire Extinguishers

Water fire extinguishers supplied by Nationwide fire extinguishers are Kitemarked to BS EN3. Our water extinguishers are stored pressure type with a squeeze grip operation. All our extinguishers come with free mounting bracket, are durable and reliable, factory filled and coated with UV resistant paint. We stock a 9 litre, 6 litre and 3 litre model. Our 9 litre and 3 litre water extinguishers are at least 13A rated. Our 6 litre water fire extinguishers are 21A rated. Our 3 litre size is an ideal alternative to the bulkier, more traditional 9 Litre water fire extinguisher and carries the same 13A rating as the bigger extinguisher, so is a suitable, cheap and lightweight alternative. All water fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing flammable solid fires. These may include: wood, paper, straw, coal, textiles, etc so are great for coverage of the fabric of a building. 

You must never use water fire extinguishers on electrical fires, the water can conduct electricity. Water must never be used to attempt to extinguish burning fat or oil. Using water on a cooking fat fire actually makes the fire worse risking an explosion as the water hits it. A fire blanket or a wet chemical fire extinguisher should be used instead. 

To use a water extinguisher , aim the jet at the bottom of the flames and move it over the area of the fire. Keep yourself between the fire and your escape route. If you are an employer, you must ensure that you and your staff know how to use your extinguishers. You should display an ID sign above your water fire extinguishers to remind users what that type of fire this extinguisher can and cannot be used on. Get your extinguishers serviced once a year and visually check them at least monthly to check for damage or signs of damage. Your checks should be recorded in your fire log book.