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Water Fire Extinguishers Guide

Research surveys show that the number of fires in London has more than halved over the last decade and is now at its lowest point since records began in 1966, according to new figures from the London Fire Brigade (LFB).

The figures show that last year, the number of fires in London fell to 26,845 or around 74 each day. The number of blazes across the capital has more than halved over the last decade and is now at its lowest point since the last time England won the World Cup.

The fall in London Fires is down to home owners and London business owners being more aware in Fire Prevention and ensuring that they have the correct Fire Extinguishers, Training and Fire Safety Measures in place.

A Water fire extinguisher is the most popular type of extinguisher for many reasons.  They are simple to operate and maintain, contain a natural, pure fire-fighting medium – water, which makes them the cheapest and most environmentally friendly type of fire extinguisher.

First choice fire extinguisher for Class A fires

Water fire extinguishers are able to fight class A fires; Such as coal, paper, wood, straw, fabrics and other organic combustibles. As most buildings have at least one such element, consider floors, walls, curtains, blinds, desks, chairs, sofas etc. it is easy to see why water fire extinguishers are such a popular choice. Furthermore, discharging a water extinguisher will have minimal environmental impact. Maintenance costs are also low as plain water extinguishers are simple to refill with tap water.

Limitations of a Water Fire Extinguisher

The simplicity of water fire extinguisher can also be seen as a limitation.  As standard water fire extinguishers are only capable of fighting class A fires, they should generally be sited alongside a co2 fire extinguisher to cover any electrical fire risks present, such as; lights, computers, printers, TVs, DVD players, tills, electric heaters, and phone chargers to name a few.

Types of Water fire extinguishers                  

Water additive fire extinguishers offer increased fire ratings compared to standard water extinguishers and the revolutionary Dry water mist fire extinguishers remove some of the limitations of standard water extinguishers offering multi - purpose fire coverage.  These are capable of extinguishing Class A, Class B (flammable liquid fires) and Class F fires (deep fat fryer fires), this new type of extinguisher is also safe if used near electrical equipment having passed the 35kv di-electrical test.  We sell a variety of dry water mist extinguishers which are Kitemarked, CE Marked and LPCB Certified.

Class A Extinguisher Product range.

Nationwide fire extinguishers stock a wide range of quality, kitemarked water fire extinguishers to suit your needs and budget, from the smaller 3 litre extinguisher model with additive (often referred to as a hydrospray or aqua spray) to both the budget, powerx and ultrafire 6 litre and 9 litre water extinguishers. Fire ratings vary depending and the size and type so please check individual product descriptions for more details. If your shop, beauty salon, hairdressers or studio prefers a more stylish look, we also stock 6 litre and 9 litre stainless steel extinguishers, and if required stainless steel stands.  All our fire extinguishers come with the peace of mind of a 5 year manufacturing guarantee.

Nationwide Fire Extinguishers can supply Class A Water Fire Extinguishers to all Major UK Cities.

Water Fire Extinguishers London

Class A Water Extinguishers Manchester

Water Fire Extinguishers Birmingham

Class A Extinguishers Coventry

Class A Water Fire Extinguishers Liverpool

Class A Extinguisher Bristol

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Class A Water Extinguishers Newcastle

Water Fire Extinguishers Edinburgh & Glasgow

Water Fire Extinguisher Glasgow

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