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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

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Wet chemical fire extinguishers are the preferred type of extinguisher in any commercial kitchen using deep fat or cooking oil. All sizes are Kitemarked to BS EN3 and CE Marked for your piece of mind.
- Suitable for use on:
  "Class A type fires" - fueled by solid materials such as wood, paper, straw etc.
  "Class F type fires" - fueled by cooking oil and deep-fat fryers
- Perfect for catering businesses, industrial kitchens and domestic premises
- Provided with a 5 year fire extinguisher warranty
- Wall mounting fire extinguisher bracket included as standard.
A wet chemical fire extinguisher or class F extinguisher as they are sometimes called, works through a process called saponification. This is where the wet chemical reacts with the oil and seals the surface of the burning oil, preventing re-ignition. Recognisable from the canary yellow colour coding, another important feature of a wet chemical fire extinguisher is the controlled discharge, much slower than other extinguishers such as water or foam, to help prevent splashing or the spreading of fire when discharged.