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Wheeled Extinguishers

When selecting appropriate fire protection, a wheeled extinguisher offers a higher fire fighting capability and fire rating and the need for portability.   Portable fire extinguishers are defined as those which are under 20kg and can be carried by most able bodied people.  Wheeled fire extinguishers on the other hand are a larger version of standard portable fire extinguishers and are used to cover larger scale fire risks in larger expanses.  These are usually structured on a wheeled trolley unit to enable manoeuvrability and ease of use.

Wheeled extinguishers are commonly utilised in industrial settings such as factories, warehouses, garages, storage depots, vessels, airports, power stations and fuel stores depending on their extinguishing type and risks present.

Co2 wheeled units are usually sold in 10kg sizes but can go up to 50kg units.  (Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are usually sold in 2kg and 5kg units in the UK.) The larger wheeled units are used to cover live electrical hazards such as transformers and switchgear as well as flammable liquid fires.

AFFF Foam wheeled extinguisher units are generally used to cover places which have flammable solids or liquid fire risks, such as warehouses, airports or fuel filling stations. 

The powder wheeled extinguishing unit is suitable for solid, liquid and gas fires  as well as on electrical fires, although a powder extinguisher would not be the first choice for electrical equipment as CO2 would usually be specified for electrical risks. The powder wheeled extinguisher is often seen in high risk industrial settings.

Nationwide Fire Extinguishers’ wheeled extinguishers are CE and MED approved meaning they are approved for marine use. All our wheeled extinguishers are manufactured to EN 1866-1 and carry a 1 year manufacturers guarantee